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Sanctuary 3

Let’s Get Hitched!

First Congregational Church of San Francisco believes that loving, intentional commitments are a blessing that reflects God’s love for us. First Congregational Church has long celebrated the union of couples of all kinds (straight, LGBT or queer), and is pleased to offer sacred wedding and commitment space whether you are looking for a traditional style ceremony or something a bit more adventurous.

You don’t have to be a member of First Congregational Church of San Francisco to use our sanctuary. As members of the United Church of Christ, we are part of the free-church tradition. There is no specific form for a wedding or commitment ceremony that we are obliged to use. Our Pastor, Rev. David Cowell, offers counseling and values exploration, and will help you shape your ceremony so that it will be most meaningful for you.

We welcome your wedding or commitment celebration in our lovely sanctuary and invite you to contact our church office for further information and to reserve space on our calendar. (415) 441-8901 or via e-mail.

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