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The Myth Of Scarcity

One of the fundamental messages that the Empire/World teaches us early on is that all of the good things in the world that we need and desire are in short supply (scarcity). This belief, this myth of scarcity is behind every form of oppression. If we believe there isn’t enough of whatever we need and desire in the world then quickly we spring into action to hoard, beg, borrow and steal to insure we have enough. In our Christian communities we have swallowed this myth as if it were gospel. Biblical scholar, Walter Brueggemann points out that just a look at the first creation story in Genesis tells us that there is Abundance! God declares “It is good!” over and over again and then rests on the 7th day not because God is tired but because God created glorious, beautiful abundance and God chooses to rest in it’s perfection and splendor!


I have been noticing the multiple ways in which my fears around money, relationships, parenting and aging are profoundly shaped by the Myth of Scarcity. As the Advent season began this week, I am taking on the spiritual practice of choosing not to believe this myth. I am resisting its power over me and every area of my life that it misshapes and distorts. I will need much more than 4 weeks in December to transform my relationship with scarcity into an acknowledgment of God’s Abundance! I am taking this commitment one season at a time. Will you join me? How would your life change if you believed in God’s Abundance and lived like you really believed it?   Blessing! Pastor Tami

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