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Sunday Service with Rev. Tami Groves – April 22, 2018

First Congregational Church of San Francisco (FCCSF) is an inclusive community of faith in the heart of the city–where Lower Nob Hill meets the Tenderloin and Little Saigon.

We gather in a building that contains a beautiful sanctuary of peace which reflects our deepest commitment: to become a place of love, gratitude and hospitality in a city and world that needs more understanding, compassion and justice.

We believe that being connected to community is essential to quality of life–people who know you for your whole self, and continue to care for you in times both good and bad. FCCSF might be a place where you can co-create a family of choice. It may be that we can provide a place where you can have an impact on your life and the lives of others.

We believe that we are now in the age when spirituality and faith are becoming less about fear and control, and more about connection and compassion and hope and love. FCCSF wants to be part of nourishing people through Christ Spirit.

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We gather on Sunday morning at 10:30. You are invited to join us.

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