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First Congregational Church of San Francisco is a gathering of diverse people who have come together to support one another on life’s journey.  We are spiritually and socially diverse, accepting of differences and open minded. We are single and married, straight and gay, gender fluid and not, come in different colors and ages.

We offer an array of services:

  • Pastoral Assistance
  • Weddings and Commitment Services
  • Baptisms
  • Funerals


Prayer Requests

Request prayer for whatever you need: a new job, good health, family, your children, prosperity, clarity, direction, etc. During our weekly Sunday morning service @ 10:30 am, you may ask for prayer. We also place prayer requests in our weekly post, which you can find on our blog. Our members are asked to pray over those who request pray. Please email us your name to be added to the list.


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