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Our mission statement guides us: 

First Congregational Church of San Francisco, United Church of Christ, an Open and Affirming Church, is a fellowship of believers in Jesus Christ working together for the purpose of sharing in the worship of God, seeking God’s will for our lives, and responding to the needs of God’s people.  Our heritage is founded upon strong independent Christians striving to live a Christ-centered life sensitive to issues of peace, justice, inclusiveness and acceptance.  In fulfilling our mission we are committed to:

  • Come together in worship and celebration of the love and message of Christ as embodied in Jesus of Nazareth
  • Recognize the gifts of God through our ministries of friendship and hospitality
  • Welcome and affirm persons from diverse social, ethnic and religious heritages, gender identities, sexual identities
  • Respond to needs in the community and among our congregation
  • Model and encourage good stewardship of the gifts God has given us
  • Honor the right of each person to follow the word of God according to the dictates of his or her own conscience under the guidance of the Holy Spirit
  • Foster open inquiry and discussion of issues of faith, scripture and our lives
  • Cherish life by attending to the health and welfare of each person, young and old, within our community
  • Provide a life-enhancing environment that allows for freedom from harm and support for life enhancement

We are committed to creating a diverse, welcoming, faith community rooted in compassion and social justice for all people.

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