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Our church is blessed with a membership which represents the diversity of San Francisco. With approximately 60 unique persons classified as active members and another 20 to 30 friends, we boast a range of men and women who are young and elderly, married and single, straight and lesbian/gay/bisexual, multi-cultural and multi-racial, including Mayflower descendants and foreign-born immigrants. Together, we share a love for following Christ’s path, and expressing love for each other. We hope that others mat share in this, so if you are new to the area or our neighborhood, please drop in and visit!

Located in the heart of the city, church members routinely volunteer for worship, fellowship and mission. Active church members serve as lay readers, Chancel Choir members, greeters, ushers and Fellowship servers. Church members also assist in providing Senior Services to nearby retirement homes.

We are Christians who deeply believe that our church must be self-governing. We church members are the church government, and collectively we determine how our church shall be organized, always conscious of our covenant with Christ. Our participation in councils or associations is always voluntary. The word “congregational” refers to the type of self-government within the church.

As Congregationalists, we believe that our relationship with God is one that is deeply personal and private. We come from a myriad of ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds. We are free to pray and commune with God as we each see fit. No one authority tells us how to pray, or how to worship; our belief system is deeply rooted and built upon Biblical tradition and the teachings of Jesus Christ.

As spiritual descendants from the Pilgrims and Puritans, we operate our church with a spirit of teamwork. No larger body dictates our decisions, and no one person in the church has final authority. Instead, our steering committee (seven positions) and the Pastor meet monthly to regularly discuss and decide our church life. Our church has at least three congregational meetings each year to decide items of major importance, and all members are welcome to participate. We routinely sponsor hands-on workshops, discussion groups and seminars which are designed for input and participation by all. This teamwork management model is poised to carry us forth into the 21st Century.

First Congregational is interested in discussing the merits and responsibilities of membership with you. Please just let us know of your interest, and the Reverend and members will be happy to discuss how joining can be transforming to you.

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