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This is a general outline of the building process. We have not included pictures of our sanctuary here because it must be experienced in person!

Site Search: 2000 through Spring 2002

Visitation of eight properties
Unsuccessful bids on three properties
Choice of architect

Property Purchased: Summer, 2001

Property bid accepted
Member discussion
Ballot approval
Final purchase arrangements

Congregational Design “Charrette”: January 12, 2002

Education on design process
Presentation by Fellowship of UCC Architects coordinator
Workshops on selecting on design themes
Discussion of differences between theological and secular aspects

Presentation to Congregation at Spring Meeting: April 7, 2002

Consensus on preliminary floor design
Working three-dimensional model

Preliminary Design Acceptance: September, 2002

Exterior Design Concepts

Conditional Use Permit Applications: November, 2002

Planning Department/Commission Approval: August, 2003

Revised Preliminary Design Submitted and Accepted:
June, 2004

Building Permit Application Submitted:
May, 2005

Building ConstructionBegun:
March, 2006

Building Opening (ground level):
March, 2008

Sanctuary Opening:
September, 2008

Final Certificate of Occupancy:
October, 2008

Celebration Sunday

April 19, 2009

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