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Dog Hair & The Myth Of Scarcity

IMG 2846 e1545259503219This handsome and charming fellow pictured above is my dog Tay-Tay or more formerly Taylor. He is almost 12 years old, kind, sweet and sheds enough hair each day to create another dog of equal size. Of course nearly everything I wear is black. In the morning I get dressed and look down to see blonde dog hair all over me! I grab a lent roller and roll, roll, roll it all over to get the dog hair off. I get in the car and look down to see more dog hair on my pants. I get out of the car and grab the lent roller I keep behind the seat. I roll, roll, roll until I am dog hair free then head off to work.  As I walk into my office I look down and see dog hair hanging on my shirt. I grab the lent roller on my desk. I roll, roll, roll until the dog hair is gone. As I sit in a meeting later that day I look down and see DOG HAIR on my sleeve! Ugh!

I am reading and discussing with a group of people Emergent Strategy by Adrienne Maree Brown which is a fabulous book about shaping change and our world from a completely different position than power over others and so much more than I cannot adequately share with you in this post. Read it! Then let’s talk! One of the bits of wisdom in this approach to change is “Change is constant. Be like water” Both the cool thing and the hard thing about living into God’s Abundance and responding to change from a place of abundant and infinite Love is that you need to move quickly. And moving quickly requires living from the deep core of your being so you can flow like water.

When I don’t have time to think my way through something I find that my scarcity-based fear really shows itself! It shows itself because I have only managed to change some of my thinking but not really my soul’s DNA, yet. Like the dog hair, I find that when I’m moving quickly and responding like water to the changes before me, that ugly fear-based stuff bubbles up. It bubbles up when I am discussing church finances. It bubbles up when I notice my daughter needs new glasses. It spills all over the place when I am talking with a friend about our aging and retirement plans. I am drowning in scarcity-fear when I consider ………well, you get the idea. Just when I think I have carefully isolated my scarcity-based thinking another dog hair of scarcity pops up. Sigh.

Will you join me in this journey toward changing our soul’s relationship to the Myth of Scarcity? The only way to do this life and soul changing work is within community! Tell someone about the work you wish to do and invite them to join you. You don’t need to do this work alone!  I am eager to hear of your experiences of in living into the Abundance of God!

Pastor Tami

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